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AKDENİZ YAY’ s Corporate Responsibility policies, anti-corruption policies, employees’ codes of conduct and the dissemination of ethical values “escalation” policies are determined and implemented. Corporate sustainability policy is to handle and implement business models and processes based on sustainable future strategies on the basis of environmental, social and corporate management with a holistic approach.


  • We are committed to creating a reliable, healthy and fair working environment without any discrimination by ensuring that our employees use all their rights fully and correctly.
  • We provide suitable conditions for our employees to work in a safe and healthy environment in order to minimize the danger in work areas. We raise their awareness by regularly training them for their health and safety.
  • We plan the working hours and leave days fairly, taking into account the personal rights of our employees. We do not work under any circumstances that would oblige our employees.
  • Our employees are encouraged to act in line with the principles of justice, equality and honesty within the organization. While performing their duties, they cannot discriminate on the grounds of language, religion, philosophical belief, political opinion, race, gender, age, physical disability and similar reasons, cannot act against or restrict human rights and freedoms and act and practices that prevent equal opportunity and those who do cannot be ignored.
  • While performing their duties, employees should act in a manner that ensures trust in the management of the business and demonstrate through their behavior that they are worthy of the reputation and trust required by the task. They should refrain from behaving that damages the sense of trust in the management of the business, creates suspicion and damages the principle of justice.
  • The freedom of our employees cannot be restricted, we respect their thoughts and opinions and ensure they work in a harmonious environment.
  • If any person bullies or intimidates the employee or a family member in the workplace, or encourages, provokes, drags the worker or a family member to act unlawfully, or commits a crime against the worker or one of the workers. If he makes unfounded serious accusations or accusations against family members or workers or family members who require imprisonment, he is brought to the Human Resources Manager through his first supervisor and the necessary measures are taken.
  • Supervisors and employee representatives of our employees listen to the requests and complaints of all employees and report them to the Human Resources Manager. Complaints are resolved by finding solutions for necessary issues.
  • We take care that all our business partners, especially our suppliers, act in accordance with the AKDENİZ YAY standards in the field of Corporate Responsibility.
  • This policy undertakes that AKDENİZ YAY will fulfill all its responsibilities for a better future.